GoAir arrivals Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (BOM)

Go First Mumbai BOM airport arrivals allow to check status of Go First flight arrivals at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport the information including flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate, delays and cancelations.

Arrival times are given in local time. Current local time at Mumbai airport is 20:07 PM 2023-05-28

Flight Scheduled Arrival Origin Status
G8380 01:30 (GOI) Goa, India Cancelled
G8332 14:35 (GOI) Goa, India Cancelled
G82505 14:50 (AMD) Ahmedabad, India Cancelled
G8684 19:30 (AMD) Ahmedabad, India Cancelled
G8354 01:00 (DEL) Delhi, India Cancelled
G8315 18:40 (GOI) Goa, India Cancelled
G8395 10:00 (BLR) Bengaluru, India Cancelled
G8381 08:00 (GOI) Goa, India Cancelled
G8141 10:40 (NAG) Nagpur, India Cancelled
G8459 10:05 (AMD) Ahmedabad, India Cancelled
G8323 20:55 (DEL) Delhi, India Cancelled
G8530 08:05 (DEL) Delhi, India Cancelled
G8386 11:20 (SXR) Srinagar, India Cancelled
G8289 17:50 (SXR) Srinagar, India Cancelled
G82316 19:15 (DED) Dehra Dun, India Cancelled
G82412 14:20 (ATQ) Amritsar, India Cancelled
G8346 22:40 (DEL) Delhi, India Cancelled
G82507 00:35 (IXC) Chandigarh, India Cancelled
G8320 19:10 (BLR) Bengaluru, India Cancelled
G8399 23:55 (BLR) Bengaluru, India Cancelled
G8304 15:40 (MAA) Chennai, India Cancelled
G8348 12:05 (COK) Kochi, India Cancelled
G8413 23:40 (AMD) Ahmedabad, India Cancelled
G82501 13:25 (DEL) Delhi, India Cancelled
G8334 09:35 (DEL) Delhi, India Cancelled
G82608 00:50 (JAI) Jaipur, India Cancelled
G8350 17:50 (VNS) Varanasi, India Cancelled
G8368 06:30 (CNN) Kannur, India Cancelled
G8352 16:05 (PAT) Patna, India Cancelled
G8307 15:25 (LKO) Lucknow, India Cancelled
G86 04:10 (AUH) Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Cancelled
G82418 00:05 (ATQ) Amritsar, India Cancelled
G8396 21:15 (LKO) Lucknow, India Cancelled
G82612 21:30 (NAG) Nagpur, India Cancelled
G826 15:30 (BKK) Bangkok, Thailand Cancelled
G8372 19:45 (GOI) Goa, India Cancelled
G822 15:25 (HKT) Phuket, Thailand Cancelled
G8388 21:15 (IXR) Ranchi, India Cancelled
G8537 22:25 (AMD) Ahmedabad, India Cancelled
G8465 14:00 (IXC) Chandigarh, India Cancelled
G84 05:45 (AUH) Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Cancelled
G880 06:25 (KWI) Kuwait, Kuwait Landed 07:52
G87106 None (BLR) Bengaluru, India Arrived On time
G87165 None (BLR) Bengaluru, India Arrived On time
G87999 None (NAG) Nagpur, India Arrived On time
G84632 None (LKO) Lucknow, India Arrived On time
G84657 None (LKO) Lucknow, India Arrived On time
G89326 None (PNQ) Pune, India Arrived Delayed by 24 minutes
G84403 None (BBI) Bhubaneswar, India Arrived On time
G84693 None (LKO) Lucknow, India Arrived On time
G84677 None (LKO) Lucknow, India Arrived On time
G84809 None (LKO) Lucknow, India Arrived On time
G84824 None (LKO) Lucknow, India Arrived On time
G87019 None (GOI) Goa, India Arrived On time
G82470 None (GOI) Goa, India Arrived Early
G830 05:45 (MCT) Muscat, Oman Landed 06:04
G82606 18:25 (GOI) Goa, India Landed 18:15
G8330 23:15 (DEL) Delhi, India Landed 03:02
G87012 17:55 (JED) Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Landed 19:54
G81537 21:25 (AMD) Ahmedabad, India In_Gate
G83206 12:55 (GOX) None, None Scheduled
G82502 15:40 (IXC) Chandigarh, India Arrival Delay 32 mins
G8389 10:00 (JAI) Jaipur, India Landed 09:36
G878 06:10 (JED) Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Scheduled Early
G86069 09:30 (DEL) Delhi, India Arrival Delay 1 h 46 mins
G81014 03:10 (CCU) Kolkata, India Landed 03:06
G8244 09:50 (AMD) Ahmedabad, India Arrival On Time
G8247 13:30 (GOI) Goa, India Arrival On Time
G824 17:10 (MLE) Male, Maldives Landed 17:27
G81381 08:00 (GOI) Goa, India In Gate
G8514 19:45 (CCU) Kolkata, India Landed 19:40
G81345 22:55 (COK) Kochi, India Departure Delay 58 mins
G87180 07:20 (BLR) Bengaluru, India Landed 07:52
G81070 11:05 (DED) Dehra Dun, India Landed 11:30
G82620 08:25 (LKO) Lucknow, India Landed 08:13
G81066 10:20 (BKB) Bikaner, India In_Gate
G8392 06:50 (AMD) Ahmedabad, India In_Gate
G86012 14:40 (GOI) Goa, India Arrived Delayed by 1h 30m
G87164 09:00 (COK) Kochi, India In Air
G86013 08:10 (DEL) Delhi, India In_Air
G81904 04:00 (COK) Kochi, India Unknown
G87154 14:00 (COK) Kochi, India In Air
G88862 05:30 (BOM) Mumbai, India In Air
G87152 12:40 (HYD) Hyderabad, India Arrived Delayed by 3h 25m
G87126 05:30 (COK) Kochi, India In Air
G81005 02:05 (AMD) Ahmedabad, India Arrived Delayed by 15m
G87147 08:00 (COK) Kochi, India In Air
G84324 20:35 (ATQ) Amritsar, India In_Gate
G81382 09:30 (VNS) Varanasi, India Delayed
G81304 19:15 (MAA) Chennai, India In_Gate
G81025 02:30 (DEL) Delhi, India Arrived Delayed by 2h 53m
G81152 10:25 (COK) Kochi, India In_Air
G8328 15:20 (DEL) Delhi, India Departed Delayed by 1h 50m
G8519 11:15 (CCU) Kolkata, India Departed On time
G87140 05:30 (DEL) Delhi, India In Air
G89345 21:05 (COK) Kochi, India Scheduled
G81309 16:55 (LKO) Lucknow, India Arrived Delayed by 2h 5m
G81404 03:05 (DEL) Delhi, India Arrived On time
G8312 11:50 (GOI) Goa, India In_Gate
G81320 08:25 (DEL) Delhi, India Scheduled
G81402 02:35 (DEL) Delhi, India In_Air
G81315 00:25 (DEL) Delhi, India In_Air
G81319 23:45 (DEL) Delhi, India In Air
G81344 21:25 (NAG) Nagpur, India In_Air
G81351 17:25 (VNS) Varanasi, India In_Gate
G88803 12:00 (ATQ) Amritsar, India Scheduled On time
G87130 07:45 (COK) Kochi, India In Air
G82604 18:50 (CJB) Coimbatore, India Arrived Delayed by 3h 30m
G8512 19:25 (CCU) Kolkata, India In_Gate
G8510 06:55 (HYD) Hyderabad, India Departed On time
G89940 23:00 (CCU) Kolkata, India Scheduled
G82600 21:35 (NAG) Nagpur, India Scheduled On time
G8338 13:00 (DEL) Delhi, India Scheduled On time
G87423 10:10 (DEL) Delhi, India In Air
G83185 10:45 (SXR) Srinagar, India Arrived On time
G83123 16:30 (CJB) Coimbatore, India Departed On time
G83119 21:00 (IXC) Chandigarh, India Scheduled
G82614 14:20 (IXE) Mangalore, India In_Gate
G81413 23:40 (AMD) Ahmedabad, India Scheduled
G8706 17:45 (VNS) Varanasi, India Cancelled